NewsMay 7, 2020

Maldives Projects Over 77,000 COVID-19 Cases

Authorities have revealed that with the current trajectory, Maldives may witness over 77,305 cases of COVID-19.

Speaking at the press conference, National Emergency Operations Center (NEOC)’s consultant Dr. Sheena Moosa said that 1562 people will be infected on the much dreaded peak day, but actual figures will show about 390 cases due to limitations in testing capacity. The most number of infections recorded on a single day so far has been 119.


She further said that while 34 people are expected to be hospitalized on peak day, atleast 12 people will need treatment from Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Another 13,568 people will require hospitalization through period 15th May to 31st May with 101 people expected to require treatment from ICU.

Maldives recorded the first positive case of COVID-19 from capital Male’ city on 15th April and the greater Male’ area has been on lockdown ever since. The total number of confirmed cases have soared to reach 648 cases with 20 recoveries and 3 fatalities.

The government announced a state of public health emergency on 12th March, which have been further extended to 30th May.