NewsOctober 1, 2019

Maldives Promoted in France

Maldives Marketing & Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) has commenced a series of marketing activities including IFTM Top Resa and “Journey to the Sunny Side” Maldives roadshow in France. Maldives delegation will be led by the Deputy Managing Director of MMPRC, Ms Aishath Neesha Mohamed Shahid.

IFTM Top Resa will be held in Paris, France from 1-4 October 2019. MMPRC together with 20 tourism industry partners will be showcasing the destination at this fair which is considered to be the biggest trade fair in France. Maldives delegation will be meeting with industry professionals during the fair to further develop and strengthen the presence of the destination within the French Market.


“Journey to the Sunny Side” Maldives roadshow will be held in Nice, Toulouse and Paris from 7-10 October will serve as a platform form for tourism industry partners to showcase products and network with top travel trade industry partners from France. Eleven partners from the tourism industry of Maldives have participated in this roadshow to create potential opportunities and to further strengthen the relationship with French tour operators.

France is one of the top generating market as well as one of the important traditional markets to the Maldives. A total of 50,476 tourist arrivals were recorded from France to the Maldives in 2018 which is an increase of 19.1% compared to 2017. By the end of July 2019, 45,649 tourist arrivals were recorded from France, this is an increase of 40.9% compared to the same period of 2018. With a 4.6% market share, France is the 7th largest market to the Maldives for this period.