NewsJanuary 23, 2024

Maldives Records 3% Increase in International Flight Arrivals in 2023

Recent data from the Monetary Authority of Maldives (MMA) has highlighted a positive trend in the Maldives’ aviation sector, with a 3% increase in international flight arrivals in 2023. The total count reached 15,883 flights, up from 15,289 in 2022, indicating a robust recovery and growth in the country’s tourism and travel industry.

The monthly distribution of these flights presents an insightful perspective on travel patterns to the Maldives. The year started with a high note in January, recording 1,673 flights, suggesting a strong tourist season. However, there was a noticeable fluctuation in the subsequent months. For instance, February and March experienced a slight dip, with 1,391 and 1,472 flights, respectively. April and May continued this trend with 1,305 and 1,150 flights. This period typically corresponds to a seasonal transition in the Maldives’ tourism sector.


The latter half of the year saw a gradual resurgence in numbers. June, while being the lowest at 1,082 flights, was followed by a steady increase in July and August, with 1,211 and 1,247 flights, respectively. The momentum continued into the final quarter of the year, with October and November maintaining a steady influx at 1,334 and 1,344 flights. December marked the peak of the season with 1,521 flights, aligning with the holiday period and the onset of the high tourist season in the Maldives.

An interesting aspect of last year’s data is the composition of flight types. Of the total international flights, 14,608 were scheduled commercial flights. In contrast, the Maldives also attracted a significant number of private jet and charter flights, totalling 1,275 for the year. This is a shift from the previous year’s pattern, where private and chartered flights numbered 2,138.