NewsMay 11, 2024

Maldives Reinforces Commitment to Sustainable Luxury Tourism at ATM 2024

The Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) held a successful ‘Maldives Media Meet’ press conference at the Arabian Travel Market (ATM) 2024 in Dubai, where key stakeholders in the Maldivian tourism industry emphasised their commitment to sustainable luxury tourism.

The event, attended by over 50 international media professionals, saw several notable speakers address the gathering, including the Minister of Tourism, Mr. Ibrahim Faisal, MMPRC CEO & MD Ms. Fathmath Thaufeeq, and Chairperson of the MMPRC Board, Ms. Ayesha Nurain Janah.


Chairperson Janah, in her address, underlined the Maldives’ dedication to sustainability, highlighting its recent recognition as the Indian Ocean’s Leading Green Destination 2024 at the World Travel Awards. She outlined the government’s ambitious initiatives to combat climate challenges and promote sustainable development, emphasising the importance of balancing economic growth with environmental responsibility.

Data-Driven Approach and Innovative Partnerships

Ms. Janah also touched upon the MMPRC’s data-driven approach to promoting the Maldives, showcasing diverse experiences beyond its pristine beaches. She emphasized the importance of innovative partnerships and technological advancements, as well as efforts to increase female employment in the tourism sector.

“Through these efforts, we are redefining luxury tourism, paving the way to show that unique, cutting-edge experiences go hand-in-hand with sustainability,” Ms. Janah stated.

Other speakers at the event echoed this sentiment, highlighting the Maldives’ commitment to responsible tourism development, community engagement, and the diversification of the tourism industry.

Tourism Industry Thriving

Minister of Tourism, Ibrahim Faisal, revealed the Maldives’ tourism industry is flourishing, thanks in part to the government’s support for sustainable and responsible tourism development. This commitment, he noted, ensures the islands thrive for both current and future generations.

MMPRC CEO & MD Ms. Thaufeeq reinforced this message, highlighting the continued diligence of the travel and tourism industry, and the importance of maintaining the Maldives’ status as a top vacation choice for travellers from the Middle East and beyond.

Overall, the ‘Maldives Media Meet’ served as a platform to share the latest updates on the Maldives’ tourism sector, showcasing exciting new products and services, while reinforcing its commitment to sustainability and responsible tourism development.