NewsNovember 9, 2019

Maldives signs with Limkokwing University to develop industry professionals

The Maldives signs an agreement with Limkokwing University to conduct training and develop industry professionals.

In a ceremony held at the Malaysian Limkokwing University campus in London, the agreement was signed by Minister of Tourism Ali Waheed and the University president’s daughter and the vice president of the university,  Dato’ Tiffanee Marie Lim.


The Minister informs that this agreement will provide opportunities for fully funded and semi funded scholarships. He further added, “President Mohamed Solih aims to bring locals to the top managerial positions in the industry. There are locals who need further training to accomplish that and this agreement will facilitate them.”

Limkokwing University’s Vice President Tiffanee highlighted that with this agreement they will provide assistance not only in the tourism sector to train industry professionals but also in other sectors and will provide technology-wise support and assistance to the Maldives.

Tourism Ministry aims to lease islands for the development of resorts with the strict regulation imposed by the government to hire locals from the nearby islands.

The Minister also stated that under this understanding, teams will even visit new resort development areas, if needed and will conduct the required training to ensure that locals get opportunities in the industry.