NewsOctober 6, 2018

Maldives Tourism Sector Occupancy Level at 63% Towards Year End

Nearing the end of the year, the occupancy of the tourism sector service providers is at 63%.

According to the statistics of the tourism ministry, the occupancy level of this year is 74% while the highest recorded was 81%. And, the lowest occupancy level was at 44%.


The statistics of 2018 show that tourists who visited the Maldives by the end of August have spent USD 6,270,308 which is a 12% increase compared to last year. And, tourists have stayed in the Maldives for 6.4 days on average.

The statistics of the Tourism ministry reflects that 972,839 tourists have visited the Maldives by the end of August. This is a 9.1% increase compared to 892,025 tourists who visited in the same period in the previous year. Also, during August this year, 123,992 tourists visited the Maldives while 121,310 tourists visited during August of last year and hence it’s a 2.2% increase.