NewsAugust 7, 2023

Maldives Tourism Sees 13.7% Increase in Tourist Arrivals with Russia Leading Charge

According to the most recent data published by the Ministry of Tourism, as of August 2nd, the idyllic island nation has warmly greeted a remarkable 1,086,074 tourists. This marks a notable increase of 13.7% in comparison to the previous year, when the Maldives hosted a total of 955,502 visitors during the same timeframe.

Among the key contributors driving this surge in tourism, Russia stands as the foremost leader, with an impressive 128,404 tourists arriving in the Maldives. Following closely behind is India, accounting for 123,151 arrivals, while China takes the third position, having graciously received 94,476 tourists on the island nation by 2nd August 2023.


In response to the growing influx of visitors, the Maldives has successfully expanded its accommodation capabilities to encompass a total of 61,564 beds. This provision includes 41,813 beds distributed across 175 resorts, 1,640 beds in 13 hotels, 14,944 beds within 911 guesthouses, and 3,167 beds on 161 safari vessels.

Furthermore, the upsurge of tourists flocking to the Maldives continues to exhibit a consistent upward trajectory. Throughout the present year, the average daily visitor count in August stands at an approximate 5,075 individuals. This encouraging trend has persisted into the ongoing month, with statistics revealing a continued rise. Specifically, from August 1st to 2nd, the average daily count of visitors peaked at 5,419.