NewsNovember 26, 2020

Maldives Tourism Success is Because of Private Sector Taking the Lead – Bangladesh High Commissioner

High Commissioner of Bangladesh in Maldives, Mr. Mohammad Nazmul Hassan has said that the great achievement in Maldives tourism is because of the private sector taking the lead, which is also supported by the government, Ministries and government agencies.

Speaking at the TTM Travel Summit 2020, he said that in his honest opinion, Maldives tourism industry has reached world class standard where looking at the achievements, even in the recently held World Travel Awards, Maldives won several awards including the best destination award for the 12th consecutive year, making it a very highly praise worthy status for Maldives.


“I believe from the best practices of Maldives tourism industry, there is a lot to learn for Bangladeshi tourism industry professionals which can only come through more mutual interactions,” he said. “This is one area which I have talked about to the Maldives Tourism Minister.”

Mr. Nazmul also pointed out that at the High Commission level, they are planning to launch an online platform for tourism sector of both the countries.