NewsDecember 20, 2023

Maldives Welcomes Its 1.8 Millionth Tourist, Achieving the Tourist Arrival Target for 2023

The Maldives successfully reached its annual target of welcoming 1.8 million tourists today. Mr Stefan Mathijs holds the title of the 1.8 millionth tourist to explore the beauty of the Maldives in the year 2023. The milestone was marked with a special ceremony held at Velana International Airport this afternoon.

While the current target was set at 1.8 million, the initial goal of the previous government was slightly higher, aiming to attract 1.9 million tourists by the year’s end. With a mere 10,000 tourists needed in the remaining 10 days of the year to meet this earlier objective, the likelihood of achieving it is considered less plausible.


Russia stands out as the leading contributor to Maldives’ tourism sector this year, with 200,000 Russian tourists gracing the islands. India closely follows with 199,000 visitors, while China secures the third spot with a noteworthy 183,000 tourists.

The average duration of tourists’ stay in Maldives for this month is reported to be 7.4 days, showing a decline compared to last November and a six per cent reduction from December last year. Interestingly, the January and February holidays witnessed an average stay of eight days.

A comparison with the previous year reveals a slight decrease in the average duration of tourist stays, dropping from eight days to 7.6 days this year.