NewsJune 10, 2020

Maldives With Over 50% Leads Kuoni’s Demand For 2021

Kuoni’s bookings spike for 2021 with Maldives leading the demand. The destination swept up 56% of the bookings.

Many holidaymakers are planning staycations this year because they see foreign trips as “too risky” and want to splash out in 2021, according to a travel firm.


Kuoni has reported a “clear upturn” in demand for holidays next year, with more than half of customers heading to the white sand beaches of the Maldives. The company has also seen strong sales for Mauritius, Thailand, Spain and India.

Kuoni chief executive Derek Jones said: “Bookings for the Maldives are outperforming every other destination we sell around the world, currently accounting for 56% of bookings for 2021.”

“The Maldives has always been our best seller but it’s soaring even further ahead right now,” he added. “Whilst there is still so much uncertainty around plans to open borders, the 14-day quarantine and social distancing, people are telling us that they’d rather plan ahead for next year and save to make the trip an extra special one, upgrading what they’d normally do.”

Various other online surveys have landed Maldives on top searches list of Indian luxury travelers, Chinese, US travelers, Brits and Singaporeans during the pandemic.

Meanwhile Maldives kicked off tourism with “Maldives, The Sun Will Shine Again” campaign on 8th June welcoming travelers back to its crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches again.


Featured image: Asad Photo (Ibrahim Asad)