NewsJanuary 5, 2020

Manta Air: a look back at the young airline which revolutionized the industry

From exemplary service to customer centricity to arrive at long-term success, we take a look at the Maldives newest Airline, Manta Air.

Manta Air started its operations in 2019 and in the airline’s young life, it has achieved a lot from opening 3 destinations (Kudahuvadhoo, Dharavandhoo & Kooddoo) in its first year to starting its seaplane operations.


The biggest achievement for the airline has been revolutionizing the aviation industry in its short period and the significant impact it has had on the industry.

Manta Air introduced the country’s first fixed scheduled transfer service with pre-published flight schedules. The airline became the first airline to guarantee a spot for passengers upon booking a seat and also the first airline in the Maldives to provide 2 seating classes; Comfort Class & Sapphire Class.

This has aided a lot of major challenges for Maldivians & tourists traveling in the Maldives as now passengers will know exactly when the flight is while booking the ticket.

The airline is also recognized for its customer-centric approach to its service. From its customer care service from the airport to celebrations with special gifts to passengers to customizing its seating arrangement by removing 2 seats of seating rows to provide extra legroom for its customers, the airline keeps on showcasing its commitment to providing the best experience in the skies of the Maldives and to make sure that everyone can fly #LikeAManta.

Even on new year’s eve, the airline made sure its customers got a special gift on board as they started their new year celebrations by providing specially packed macaroons for each passenger.

As the airline approaches its 1 year in operations, the airline reports that it aims to keep innovating and to bring even more revolutionary change to the airline industry.