NewsDecember 10, 2019

Manta Air and UNICEF launches the Manta Air apprentice program

Manta Air and UNICEF launched the Manta Air Apprentice Program, a company-wide apprenticeship program, with the first batch of 6 participants (3 females and 3 males) who will be working as apprentices at Manta Air for the next 3 months. The launch also coincides with Manta Air celebrations to mark ICAO day which celebrates 75 years of uniting aviation around the world. Participants were awarded their apprentice offer certificates along with their uniforms.

The UNICEF & MantaAir apprenticeship program is a unique opportunity for young people who have a passion for the airline industry to gain first-hand experience and exposure to the key areas such as flight and ground operations, aircraft engineering, safety/compliance, commercial, and marketing. The young women and men will get the opportunity to work in all the above disciplines and be closely supervised by Manta Air staff. The program is designed with close monitoring and mentoring support from both Manta Air and UNICEF, which is structured to develop and inspire young people into the aviation sector through a unique and creative learning experience.


Mr. Edward Alsford, CEO of Manta Air, said, “I am pleased to welcome the 6 new Manta’s who will be joining Team Manta for the next 3 months as apprentices, working together with our team and learning what the aviation industry has set for everyone! We take pride in contributing to the local community and we are privileged and happy to be working with UNICEF to develop young people. I am also delighted to have this milestone when we are celebrating the ICAO Day ICA75 and I extend our sincere gratitude and greetings to everyone working in the aviation industry here the Maldives.”

UNICEF Representative to the Maldives Dr. Munir Safieldin stated that “the partnership of UNICEF and Manta Air we are launching today is about developing the skills of adolescent girls and boys for future employment. Today, the first batch of three adolescent girls and three adolescent boys are starting their three months apprenticeship. The six young trainees have just completed their high school and are ready to start a new phase of their life. This apprenticeship is designed to expose adolescent Maldivian girls and boys to the civil aviation industry and prepare them for possible professional employment in this new grown sector in the Maldives.”

The program is part of a partnership between Manta Air and UNICEF Maldives, which aims to provide early exposure for young people interested to work in the aviation industry and for them to acquire basic knowledge and skills. The partnership also covers additional areas such as support for advocacy on children and young people’s rights and issues via the in-flight Magazine of Manta Air: RAYS to engage both national and international audiences. Both organizations would also be joining hands to celebrate key events for children and youth including the World Children’s Day and World Youth Day to engage the public on children’s rights and wellbeing of children and young people.