NewsMarch 12, 2019

Manta Air’s Third Aircraft Lands in Maldives

Manta Air’s Third Aircraft was brought to Maldives on 10th March 2019 for domestic traveling purposes. Manta Air officially began their operations on February 2019 and now boasts 3 air crafts in it’s fleet.

Two flights of ATR were previously brought by Manta Air to operate within Maldives. Their third flight to operate in Maldives 8Q-RAX is the latest production of ATR in France. Five seaplane pilots of Maldives were offered sponsorship for ATR’s latest training by Manta Air, on the occasion of their third flight operation in Maldives.


Manta Air would soon expand operations, leading to a stronger aviation industry within Maldives, as per Mr. Edward Alsford, Chief Operating Officer of Manta Air. Further, the airline explained that preparations are underway for flight operations in the South of Maldives as well as for seaplane services in Maldives. Hence, 6 seaplanes are to be brought to Maldives with their operations to begin in 2019.