NewsApril 30, 2019

Marriott Hotels sanction a ban on plastics in all their properties

The use of plastic in daily life might not be equally concerning for everyone. The problem occurs when and where the plastic ends up afterward – in our oceans. Therefore, when major companies take large scale initiatives for a greener tomorrow, it’s a good reason to celebrate.

According to USA Today, Marriott Hotels will be executing a public ban on the use of plastic straws across all of their hotels within the upcoming month. With almost 6500 hotels under the Marriott Hotel group, this would mean that the annual use of an estimated 1 billion plastic straws and 250 million stirrers would be eliminated.


This is a big deal not only because of the scale of the ban implemented, but also to the fact that hotels are ground zero for beverage consumption, and most hotels and resorts are on a beachfront location which makes it easier for the plastic to make its way into the oceans. With this initiative by the Marriott Hotels group, it can be certain that in the near future that many more hotel groups will be encouraged to follow.