NewsSeptember 23, 2018

Mastercard-HalalTrip released the Muslim Millennial Travel Report 2017

HalalTrip is an online platform for Muslim travelers and a sister brand of CrescentRating, the world’s leading authority on halal-friendly travel in partnership with Mastercard to cater the growing demand for halal travel. The Mastercard-HalalTrip has released the Muslim Millennial Travel Report of 2017 (MMTR2017). This report reveals the expanding importance of the next generation of Muslim travelers to the tourism sector across the world. This is the first extensive report looking at the rising wave of Muslim millennial travelers across the world. The research projects total expenditure from Muslim millennial travelers will reach US$100 billion by the year 2025, while the overall Muslim travel segment is estimated to reach US$300 billion by 2026.


The MMTR2017 aim is to evaluate the potential within the Muslim millennial market for tourism destinations, tour operators, airlines and the tourism and hospitality industries. So as per the report in a Muslim millennial’s DNA, the anticipation process starts with searching inspirational content on social media and online reviews and, by watching destination videos & blogs of travel influencers. Their travel patterns include traveling 2-5 times annually for leisure by spending USD 500 – 2k on an average 5-6-day trip. They book online and plan their trips 1-6 months in advance and look for unique experiences in safe and high-security destinations. They always stay connected and travel with family and friends for an affordable trip component by using public transport. They prefer Muslim based facilities and use online travel tools to find halal food.

The Island nation of Maldives also has a wide scoop for the Halal Trip since its known to be a 100% Muslim country visited by foreigners around the globe including the Middle Eastern Countries like Saudi Arabia.