NewsSeptember 11, 2019

MATATO applauds MMPRC’s tremendous efforts for destination marketing

Maldives Association of Travel Agents and Tour Operators (MATATO) has applauded Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Company’s continuous marketing efforts for destination marketing.

MATATO, which has been urging for better destination marketing efforts by the government, said they recognise and acknowledge the restored destination marketing activities carried out by the state-owned MMPRC. They added that those activities have had a significant positive impact on the growth of tourist arrivals.


“MATATO commends and credits the management of MMPRC under the leadership of Managing Director Thoyyib Mohamed, on the positive results in the past six months that have seen record-breaking numbers in terms of tourist arrivals compared to that of the last five years,” the statement by MATATO read.

During the first six months of the year, Maldives tourism industry has witnessed a growth of 19% in tourist arrivals and MATATO congratulates MMPRC team, Ministry of Tourism, and the Government for this tremendous growth. The Maldives has already welcomed 1.1 million tourists so far this year and the association notes the destination is on track to reaching the 1.5 million target for the year.

MMPRC has participated in 15 tourism fairs held in 12 different countries this year. The marketing & PR agency has conducted 5 roadshows in 13 countries, 11 familiarization trips for foreign media personnel including the UK, South Korea, India and China.

The corporation has also conducted 12 joint promotion ventures, 12 global advertising events and 12 endorsement events, in addition to 6 networking trips and the local tourism guesthouse seminars held earlier this year.