NewsJune 3, 2021

Meeru Island Resort & Spa to Celebrate Ocean Awareness Month

Meeru Island Resort & Spa is dedicating the month of June to celebrate the magic of the Ocean. This month the resort will emphasize its very unique approaches to increase the awareness of the ocean together with all Meeru guests, and also sharing each of these initiatives with the resorts expanded fan base across the world.

Meeru started the celebration with World Reef Awareness Day, on June 2, 2021, with an awareness session about coral reefs and the resort’s very own Coral Restoration Project. Meeru Island Resort & Spa’s coral garden is one of the most successful coral restoration projects in the Maldives. This reef care project started in 2016 in association with Save the Beach, a Maldivian non-profit organisation, after a coral bleaching event that affected most of the coral reefs in the country. This project allows the resort to foster interest and awareness of coral reefs and the global threats facing them to inspire actions to conserve the resources when people visit the ocean.


The aim has always been to help regenerate reef segments, promote coral growth, and provide guests with an enchanting underwater experience in Meeru’s lagoon whilst simultaneously creating respect and an understanding of the benefits of corals and their contribution to the ecosystem. Today, more than 3,000 coral fragments of about 14 different species have been planted, with an average growth rate of 7 centimetres per year.

Many marine species have made Meeru’s Coral Garden their habitat, with the biodiversity of more than 22 fish types in the lagoon, including some rare species like ghost pipefish and tetralia crab, which is an excellent coral crab. Other species such as turtles, rays, and small reef sharks can be spotted cruising in this area, an aweinspiring sight for all marine life enthusiasts.

The Coral Garden Project is looked after by the well-trained Meeru team members, who frequently monitor the area to clean the algae and check the temperature changes that affect the coral growth rate. So far, five different ways of coral plantation have been researched and implemented in the coral garden itself.

Meeru resort team has also installed a web camera that sits underwater in the coral garden situated on the island’s eastern part. The webcam feed can be seen live directly from the Meeru website – an enthralling aquarium as described by visitors to the nursery and viewers of the live webcam. Guests staying in the comfort of their homes may have a glimpse of the coral garden here: Meeru’s Coral Garden Live Webcam Feed On 8 June 2021, in celebration of World Oceans Day 2021, Meeru Island Resort team has prepared various activities for guests to participate. Discover more: Every Day Is World Oceans Day at Meeru Island Resort & Spa.

Being a visionary in setting the highest standards towards the most sustainable resort in the Maldives, it is Meeru’s continuous commitment to positively impact the environment in which the resort operates. With this commitment, Meeru ensures each guest visiting along the future is guaranteed to experience this breathtakingly beautiful natural space.