NewsAugust 7, 2021

Meet Vladana ‘Dana’ Milivoj, Reethi Faru’s New Energetic Yoga Instructor

Dana is a fun-loving and energetic wellness instructor with a true passion for her teachings. Her journey in the Maldives started in Reethi Faru in May 2021 as the new resident Yoga Instructor. Dana’s primary role at the resort is to guide the yoga classes within the studio for the guests, meet the hygiene standards, and monitor the equipment standards. She enjoys creating content for social media and planning future wellness events for her classes in her spare time.

“I find the yoga studio at Reethi Faru is the best out of all that I have worked at. I am so excited for the new plans we have been coming up with for the studio, including acquiring new equipment and maybe even adding aerial yoga soon to the schedule. I think those colourful hammocks will beautify the space even more. At the same time, the guests will be attracted to dance, fly and practice yoga simultaneously.”


Having fallen in love with the Maldives at first sight, she sees herself here in the next five years, continuing to teach yoga. “This place already feels like home,” Dana mentioned while also talking about her plans to continue travelling around the world whenever possible.

Her proudest moments include those when she is able to guide guests to accomplish postures that they have not been able to do and the connection she makes with them during her classes. It leaves her in awe when they reach out to her months after their stay at Reethi Faru to check on their yoga practices.

An avid adventurer, Dana’s favourite hobbies include all kinds of water sports activities such as SUP boarding, flyboarding, jet ski riding, swimming, working out at the gym, pole dancing, and reading.