NewsDecember 15, 2019

Millennials prefer travel expert reviews when it comes to planning

The notion that Millenials are more adventurous and bold to take on risks is becoming a thing of the past. When making travel decisions, even they seek expert advice while planning.

This was proved by a survey from Travelport, which polled 23,000 people from 20 countries, found that 50 percent of the millennial respondents nearly always turn to travel professionals for recommendations, while just 20 percent of Gen Xers and 8 percent of baby boomers said they do.


The survey also highlighted the growing frustration among travelers with online booking with the increasing complexity and available options. Another factor increasing the significance of travel advisors is the growing preference for personal experiences not easily arranged without guidance from an expert.

The need for this expert review by the Millenials has clearly led to the importance of social media influencers and bloggers.