NewsMay 25, 2023

Ministry of Tourism Unveils 5th Tourism Master Plan

The Maldives Ministry of Tourism unveiled its Fifth Tourism Master Plan (5TMP) during a ceremony hosted at Maldives National University. The 5TMP aims to strengthen Maldives’ position as a competitive and sustainable destination, enabling the industry, which has been the driving force in transforming the economy over the last 50 years, to continue leading the country’s growth. It also highlights priority areas for policy decisions on the tourism industry over the 2023–2027 plan period.

The 5th Tourism Master Plan outlines 15 priority goals that will guide the country’s tourism sector in the coming years:

  1. Maximize the benefits of tourism to all atoll communities.
  2. Communicate the full potential of Maldives.
  3. Offer new products and experiences.
  4. Build climate resilience and protect natural assets.
  5. Enhance energy security & achieve net zero emissions.
  6. Provide outstanding transport services.
  7. Attract and retain a world-class tourism workforce.
  8. Accelerate investment and innovative finance.
  9. Regulatory reforms to make it easier to do business.
  10. Accelerate 360° digitalization.
  11. Whole-of-government prioritization of tourism.
  12. Advanced data analytics and insights.
  13. Strengthen health, safety, and security systems.
  14. Establish transformational tourism industry standards.
  15. Ensure tourism is accessible for all.

As the country moves forward with the implementation of the Master Plan, it is poised to shape a prosperous future for its tourism industry, one that benefits local communities, protects the environment, and delivers exceptional experiences to all who visit the Maldives.