NewsJuly 31, 2019

MITDC – an ally for local island tourism development in Maldives

The Managing Director of MITDC, Mohamed Raaidh has stated that “MITDC is not a competitor to the guesthouse industry, they act as an ally for local island tourism”.

He further stated that “Our aim is to facilitate and develop tourism-related facilities in the local islands that will benefit collectively to the island community.”


The Maldives Integrated Tourism Development Corporation (MITDC) is a 100% Maldivian Government SOE mandated to support and to foster the development and growth of the mid-market segment of the Tourism Industry.

The primary goal of MITDC is to bring economic growth to the nation by expanding the possible avenues of the tourism sector through the systematic and planned development of integrated tourism in this industry.

Currently, MITDC is undertaking the Addu City integrated resorts project, Laamu Baresdhoo and Kaashidhoo integrated project where they are aiming to develop and market 5 beachfront Guesthouse hotels with a bed capacity of 250 along with other required infrastructure such as water sports facilities, Dive Centres and restaurants.