NewsJuly 20, 2023

MMPRC Conducts Campaign with Vogue France to Promote the Maldives 

Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC/ Visit Maldives) has conducted a successful digital and print marketing campaign with Vogue France to promote the products and services available in the Sunny Side of Life to the French market. The month-long campaign started from 30th May 2023 onwards. The campaign aimed to strengthen the Maldives brand presence in France and increase arrivals from the market. 

Vogue France is the premier monthly fashion news and trends magazine with over 90 years of experience in the French market. Vogue, a world-renowned household name, is considered both upscale and glamorous, matching the perception of the Maldives in the French market. This campaign further provides a convenient avenue for MMPRC to reach the niche affluent french market as well as other french travellers due to the strength of the Vogue brand in France. Vogue’s target audience is 46% highly-affluent travellers and a digital audience of 8.9 million unique visitors per month. The engagement from the community is exceptional, as the magazine is known to deliver high-impact news about the best new products, services and offers to potential visitors with varied lifestyles. Accordingly, this campaign with Vogue will help strengthen the Maldives’ brand as a top-of-the-mind destination in the French market.


A print and digital component was included in the campaign. Under the print component, a picture highlighting the Maldives as a luxury destination was advertised on the front of the April issue. The digital component featured pictures of the Maldives’ on Instagram and Facebook and the content had a guaranteed reach of 300,000. Throughout this campaign, luxury products and family-oriented services in the Maldives were promoted. These include products such as the Maldives’ signature overwater bungalows and private cruises along the Maldives’ waters aboard a liveaboard. The campaign also highlighted special experiences in the Maldives such as spending the night in a luxurious `all-amenities-included’ bubble tent, breakfast in style in private pools on a floating tray, as well as the various spa & wellness services available in the Sunny Side of Life.  

As of 3rd July 2023, France is the 8th top source market to the Maldives with an arrival figure of 30,770 tourists. Therefore, MMPRC is steadfast in promoting the products, experiences, and segments of Maldives in the French market and aims to maintain the momentum and increase arrival figures.