NewsApril 6, 2024

MMPRC Focus on Sustainable Southern Tourism

The Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC/ Visit Maldives) has concluded a series of preliminary meetings with tourism industry stakeholders and Addu City representatives. These discussions, held on April 4th and hosted by South Palm Maldives and Canareef Resort Maldives, mark the initial phase of preparations for the South Region Symposium scheduled for later this year.

The two-day event aligns with the government’s commitment to sustainable tourism development across the Southern Maldives. These meetings aimed to forge collaborations between local government bodies, businesses, communities, and tourism professionals to ensure the long-term, sustainable growth of the sector in Addu City and surrounding areas.


CEO and Managing Director of MMPRC, Ms Fathmath Thaufeeq, highlighted the exceptional potential of Addu City as a tourist destination, emphasising the region’s capacity for growth. She underscored the alignment of the South Symposium 2024 with the government’s commitment to sustainable development in the region.

Key figures, including Ms Thaufeeq, Maldives Minister of Tourism Ibrahim Faisal, President’s Advisor Khaleel, Minister of Finance Dr Mohamed Shafeeq, and Maldivian Managing Director Mr Ibrahim Iyas, delivered statements during these meetings. Their remarks outlined government visions, strategies for sustainable and equitable tourism practices, financial incentives, and efforts to improve regional connectivity.

A dedicated meeting focused on Gan International Airport, addressing infrastructure and development needs for regional tourism. The ‘Preliminary Meeting with Addu Stakeholders’ provided a platform for open dialogue on perspectives and insights crucial to future tourism planning.

The MMPRC MD highlighted ongoing infrastructure developments, such as expansions at Gan International Airport, as key to increasing tourist access to Addu City and surrounding atolls. Ms Thaufeeq stressed MMPRC’s focus on boosting local tourism and ensuring that the communities of Addu City directly reap the benefits of the Maldives’ globally renowned tourism industry.

MMPRC will incorporate the discussions from these preliminary meetings into targeted marketing strategies specifically aimed at promoting local tourism in the southern regions, including Addu City, Gaaf Dhaal Atoll, Gaaf Alif Atoll, and Fuvamulah. Collaboration from stakeholders across the industry remains vital in the continued push for tourism development.