press releaseMay 7, 2022

Moji Maldivi Takes Part in International Tourism Fair ITF Slovakiatour 2022 to Promote Maldives In The Slovakian Market

Moji Maldivi in association with Visit Maldives has taken part in ITF SlovakiaTour 2022 to promote and strengthen the Maldives visibility and brand presence in the Slovakian market. Held on 28th April – 1st May 2022, ITF SlovakiaTour is an annual travel and tourism fair held in Slovakia with more than 70,000 visitors attending each year. International exhibitors from Serbia, Austria and Czech Republic participated this year including Maldives for the first time.

ITF SlovakiaTour 2022 was inaugurated by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of Slovakia, Honorable Samuel Vlčan in an opening ceremony held on 28th April 2022. The Opening Ceremony was participated with delegates from Slovakia government, Tourism Organization including exhibitors and media. During the Ceremony, Director General of Slovakia Travel Mr. Vaslav Mika has said ‘It is a great honor to welcome Maldives in ITF SlovakiaTour for the first time, and Maldives’ participation in the fair will indeed give an added fulfilment and exposure for the fair this year.’


Participating in the Slovakia fair, Moji Maldivi aims to change the perception of Maldives solely as a honeymoon luxury destination. Moji Maldivi focused on sharing different varieties of tourist products ranging from resorts to guesthouses in local islands, as well as the unique experiences travelers can have in the Maldives. During the expo, Moji Maldivi offered 2 luckydraws for the visitors who attended the stand. The luckydraw includes a holiday with complimentary 4 nights stay for two by Villa Hotels in a resort, and a holiday with complimentary 4 nights stay for two by The Hawks in a guest house in B. Kamadhoo.

“Maldives is a dream destination for almost everyone around the globe, and it is important to provide everyone with the most authentic and updated information regarding the country. Balkan and South East Europe is a market that is in need of these information and knowledge of all possible travel routes to Maldives. Hence, participating in this fair will surely give the potential travelers first-hand information and knowledge they can rely on when planning travel to Maldives. It is our vision that Maldives is targeted across all segments worldwide even to the smaller and niche markets.” Aishath Nuzuha, Managing Director of Moji Maldivi.

Recently, Moji Maldivi has represented Maldives in the Croatian Tourism Fair PLACE2GO, as well as the largest tourism fair in Balkan market, Sajam Turizma held in Belgrade, Serbia. The prestigous fair in Belgrade was visited by the Tourism Minister Dr. Abdulla Mausoom and Maldives Delegation, where the Minister thanked Moji Maldivi for their engagement in the fair and the destination promotion activities conducted by Moji Maldivi to the large number of visitors. Representing Maldives in these regional fairs are part of the promotion activities in their initiative to conduct several marketing campaigns in different parts of the Balkan and South East Europe region.

The Maldives has welcomed more than 54,000 tourists to the country from the Balkan and South East Europe market during 2021, namely Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Serbia, Slovenia and Croatia. This year until February, the country has recorded over 23,000 arrivals from this region.

Moji Maldivi deems that South East Europe and Balkan region are potential source markets to Maldives, having the advantage of great connectivity and accessibility as well as spending power to travel to the Maldives. Hence with serious emphasis on destination promotion and marketing, these markets can be lured to the Maldives exponentially. Moji Maldivi is thankful for the outstanding support and contribution receiving from MMPRC in marketing and promoting the destination in this region as well as MITDC in their great contribution for the ITF SlovakiaTour. Furthermore, the team is grateful for Villa Hotels and The Hawks in contributing the Lucky Draw held at ITF SlovakiaTour.