NewsSeptember 14, 2022

MoU Signing between Villa Hotels & Resorts & the Maldives National University to Develop a Wide Range of Collaborative

To foster a new generation of highly-skilled talents in the tourism and hospitality industry and assist in implementing nation-building strategies, an MoU was signed between Villa Hotels and Resorts and the Maldives National University (MNU) to develop a wide range of collaborative activities.

The objectives of the agreement, signed on 14th September 2022 between Villa Hotels & Resorts and Faculty of Hospitality & Tourism Studies of the Maldives National University, include adding value to the country’s talent pool; speeding up the fostering of a new generation of applied highly-skilled talents. They also include developing and nurturing a pool of learned young adults with a strong sense of practicality, good hands-on skills, and a high level of organizational and business awareness and familiarity.


Under this agreement, Villa Hotels and Resorts will provide the students with structured internship programs and full time employment opportunities. The agreement will also enable a better understanding of the current employment opportunities at Villa Hotels and Resorts, improve job opportunities and create access to work opportunities across the country.