NewsApril 27, 2019

New Private Jet to be Launched by Four Seasons in 2021

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts reveals plans for an all-new Four Seasons Private Jet that will take flight in early 2021. The new Airbus A321LR aircraft is being fully customized by Four Seasons to provide guests a more interactive flight experience.

The brand’s new private jet will be the widest and tallest cabin in its class and includes 48 custom handcrafted seats designed by Optimares, with leather from Italian producer Poltrona Frau.


A focal point of the aircraft will offer a new spacious lounge area where guests can socialize more easily, meet and learn from master chefs, mixologists, and wellness, arts and culture experts. It will also become a stage for the series of Four Season Artisans to showcase their talents and crafts in workshops.

All-new itineraries aboard the forthcoming aircraft are currently in development. The custom journeys for the new jet won’t be announced until later this year.