NewsJune 3, 2020

NFME To Host Safe Re-opening and Reviving of Maldives Travel and Tourism Webinar

National Federation of Maldivian Employers (NFME) will be hosting a webinar episode on Safe Re-opening and Reviving of Maldives Travel and Tourism.

This is the first episode of webinar series “Tailoring a New Reality – Employer’s Dialogue” conducted by NFME on how to navigate in the new norm and tailor a new reality, focusing on different industries of the Maldives.


“Now is the time for all industries to lean on each other and unite to move ahead in unity with the goal of re-emerging stronger,” a statement by NFME read.

Episode 1 is focused on Travel and Tourism, “Safe Re-opening and Reviving of Maldives Travel and Tourism”

The panelists will be speaking about the pandemic’s effect on the industry, safe re-starting of travel and tourism, how to transform the industry during the recovery now and post pandemic and much more.

The webinar will take place on 3rd June at 16:30hrs local time. The expert panelists for this episode includes:
1. Mr. Abdulla Ghiyas Riyaz
2. Mr. Sonu Shivdasani
3. Mr. Thoyyib Mohamed
4. Mr. Mohamed Khaleel
5. Mr. Murad Hassan

The webinar series is facilitated by the Federation’s President, Mr. Mohamed Ali Janah