NewsNovember 30, 2023

Niyama Private Islands Maldives — Your Passport to Culinary Paradise

Explore the dual delights of Play and Chill at Niyama Private Islands Maldives, where the epitome of luxury is surpassed only by the freedom to choose. This exceptional island resort, exceeding all expectations, offers more than the typical tropical getaway. Recently honoured as the “Best Culinary Resort” at TTM Maldives 2023, Niyama redefines dining experiences through its inventive approach to gastronomy.

Embark on a culinary journey with global influences, embracing the extraordinary. Whether hovering above the water or submerging beneath the sea in one of the Maldives’ premier underwater restaurants, Niyama invites you to soar among treetops or dance with flames. The choice is yours – select your perfect setting or let your fantasies shape a new dining reality. Niyama, boasting nine distinctive restaurants in the Maldives, promises an unrivalled culinary adventure with unique destination dining experiences.



Descend a dramatic three-tier staircase to Subsix, nestled six meters underwater. Adorned with aquatic-themed decor and Italian abstract chandeliers, this ethereal setting transports you to the reef, surrounded by marine life. Indulge in Champagne breakfasts, subaquatic lunches, and gourmet dinners while observing the vibrant marine ecosystem. As night falls, immerse yourself in the luminescence of the sea while getting your groove on.


Transport yourself to the lush vegetation of Niyama at Nest. Perched amidst the trees, this extraordinary restaurant showcases avant-garde presentations by Thai, Chinese, Japanese, and Indonesian chefs. Revel in a theatrical dining experience, with the teppanyaki table being the most coveted spot in the house.


Embark on a culinary odyssey to Africa and Latin America at Tribal. From the Maasai warrior’s greeting to the enticing aromas of chimichurri and chipotle, marvel at the fabulous flavours crafted from unique ingredients like ostrich and octopus. House specials include dry-aged beef rubbed with native spices.


BLU, a charming poolside Maldives family restaurant, is your gateway to delightful family-style dining on the beach with a touch of Mediterranean flair. As the sun rises, savor mornings filled with a vibrant array of options: from refreshing smoothies and creative juice blends to gourmet crostinis boasting overflowing flavors, and the choice to enjoy eggs in 12 different ways or design your own personalized breakfast. Transitioning seamlessly to lunch and dinner, BLU presents a menu inspired by the Mediterranean, featuring an enticing selection of salads, sandwiches, delectable seafood, a variety of pastas from indulgent to gluten-free, flavorful pizzas, Asian delights, and complimentary tropical splendor. BLU invites you to bask in a culinary experience that caters to every palate in a stunning beachside setting.

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