NewsJune 2, 2024

Ocean Week 2024: PlanHotel Group’s Commitment to Marine Conservation

Ocean Week 2024 is set to be a remarkable celebration of the world’s oceans, and PlanHotel Group finds itself at the forefront of this global initiative. In alignment with its ongoing commitment to marine conservation, Diamonds Thudufushi, Diamonds Athuruga, and Sandies Bathala will be hosting a series of special events throughout Ocean Week. The collaboration with Coralpalooza, an outreach event by the Coral Restoration Foundation™, underscores the group’s dedication to preserving and restoring the vital ecosystems of the planet’s oceans.

Each year, Coral Restoration Foundation™ mobilises ocean enthusiasts worldwide to take action on World Oceans Day. This initiative, known as Coralpalooza™, has evolved into a significant international movement dedicated to the future of the oceans. In 2023, the Coralpalooza™ Community made a monumental impact, with over 20 organisations from 13 countries mobilising more than 960 staff and volunteers. These collective efforts resulted in more than 15,200 new corals being returned to wild habitats in a single day, an achievement recognised as part of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.


The partnership with Coralpalooza for Ocean Week 2024 is cause for excitement. However, due to the ongoing global coral bleaching event affecting Maldivian reefs, the focus will shift from active restoration to engagement and education. This year, efforts will concentrate on raising awareness among guests and staff about the critical importance of coral reefs and marine conservation.

Throughout Ocean Week, the Marine Lab team in collaboration with MaRHE Center of the University of Milano-Bicocca will host a variety of engaging activities designed to educate and inspire action. These include ocean and beach clean-ups, interactive workshops and snorkelling activities, citizen science projects, ocean cocktails, and special marine nights.

PlanHotel Group believes that education is fundamental to creating a better future for the oceans. By raising awareness and inspiring action, the group aims to foster a deeper connection between guests, staff, and the marine environment. Through initiatives during Ocean Week 2024, the goal is to empower individuals with the knowledge and tools needed to make a positive impact on marine conservation.

Participating in Ocean Week and supporting Coralpalooza is a declaration of support for the future of coral reefs and marine ecosystems. Guests are invited to join the celebration at Diamonds Thudufushi, Diamonds Athuruga, and Sandies Bathala as they work towards a sustainable future and celebrate the wonders of the ocean.