NewsNovember 20, 2021

Over 2000 Meetings Prescheduled Via TTM Connect

Over 2000 prescheduled meetings have already been set to take place at TTM Maldives 2021 with over USD 1 billion worth of contracts to be discussed.

As the main component of TTM that connects the travel trade community of Maldives, using the convenient Connect software, registered users can pre-schedule b2b meetings with the most leading decision-makers in the industry. Over 100 hoteliers have set meetings with over 200 travel professionals from across the globe. This year, the event will make use of TTM Connect with added features including, virtual profiles and video call features to execute hybrid meetings simultaneously during the event.


All hoteliers and agents are given the ability to set prescheduled meetings of 20 minutes in the span of 2 days of Travel Trade Maldives. Meetings are expected to go on from 9 am to 5 pm on the 29th November and 30th November 2021 at Meerumaa Events Conference Facility in Male’.

TTM Travel Summit 2021 on 28th November will be focused on ‘What’s Next in Maldives Tourism?’ whereby travel industry professionals will discuss ways the tourism in Maldives will move forward amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

On the last night, TTM Awards & Gala will be held at Crossroads Maldives, the country’s first fully-integrated leisure and resort destination.  TTM Awards & Gala is dedicated to tourism industry professionals who work around the clock to ensure that Maldives is the leading tourism destination in the world. The most nominated producers (local/international) will be given a recognition award at the TTM Awards & Gala. Like the previous years’ event, the TTM Awards & Gala will feature a classy dinner and live music by leading artists.