NewsDecember 7, 2019

OZEN by Atmosphere introduces Guy Charbaut Champagne

Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts showcases its ‘Joy of Giving’ ethos in OZEN by Atmosphere at Maadhoo with an exclusive new product, Guy Charbaut Champagne.

Despite being nestled amongst lush exotic scenery in the middle of the Indian Ocean, guests of OZEN by Atmosphere at Maadhoo in the Maldives are treated to some of the best culinary products from around the world.


The latest addition to OZEN’s extensive beverage menu is a selection of Guy Charbaut Champagne from one of France’s finest wine-making regions, Mareuil-Sur-Aÿ. This region is known worldwide for producing superior quality Terroir Champagne.

From mid-January, all guests of the five-star luxury OZEN will be able to enjoy Guy Charbaut Champagne Selection Brut and Guy Charbaut Rose Brut – Premier Cru as part of the generous inclusions within the resort’s Luxury All-Inclusive Indulgence Plan.

Mr. Venkata Giri, Chief Operating Officer at Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts, said: “As part of our ‘Joy of Giving’ ethos, we have chosen to introduce a wonderful new Champagne brand to our already impressive selection of wines available at OZEN: Guy Charbaut.

“We want our loyal guests to enjoy only the best Champagne while staying with us – that is the OZEN difference. We will not cut corners when it comes to providing the very best for our guests, who expect and deserve to enjoy top-quality food & beverages.”

The Champagne Selection Brut features notes of mandarin leaves, pine bark and when aired unveils intensely spices and peppered notes. The sensation of freshness and roundness prevails on the palate, perfect as an aperitif.

The Rose Brut – Premier Cru airs intense red fruit notes of raspberry and strawberry, alongside touches of pink grapefruit and blood orange. It pairs remarkably well with fresh and tangy desserts.

The Guy Charbaut vineyard was established by the Charbaut family in 1936, and now into its third generation of winemakers, continues to produce some of the world’s finest-quality Champagne.

The vineyard, consisting of Pinot Noir, Meunier and Chardonnay varieties, covers over twenty hectares. The major part extends through the Premiers Crus villages of Mareuil-Sur-Aÿ, Bisseuil, and Avenay, with the rest lying in the villages of Viviers-Sur-Artaut and Landreville. The exceptional quality of these terroirs favors the production of varietal wines that reveal their unique character. With a steadfast commitment to producing quality Champagne, the Charbaut family produces only a limited quantity of Champagne per year, which is in high demand by wine lovers.

In addition to providing some of the world’s finest Champagne, guests at OZEN by Atmosphere at Maadhoo can enjoy a variety of exclusive foods from Italy, Spain, Germany, and France; all of which come from regions that are well-known for producing the highest-quality products.

The OZEN product sourcing team tends to favor small, family-run businesses that have a personal history with their products. Superior quality, authenticity, and sustainability are common to all companies.

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