NewsMay 22, 2024

Patina Maldives and Dive Butler International Announces Thrilling Summer Youth Sailing Academy

Patina Maldives, in collaboration with Dive Butler International, announced the launch of a premier sailing camp for teenagers aged 13-17. The program runs from July 14 to August 15, offering a unique blend of excitement, education, and adventure in the Fari Islands.

Designed to cater to both novice and experienced young sailors, the 5-Day Youth Sailing Academy is an extraordinary opportunity to explore the art of sailing. Participants will not only learn essential sailing techniques but also gain vital life skills such as teamwork, resilience, problem-solving, and a deep connection with nature.



Days 1 to 3: Ride the Waves on RS Catamarans (4 hours daily)

Hands-on sailing basics on RS Catamarans, guided by expert instructors. Progressive skill-building, leading to a comprehensive understanding of sailing techniques and safety.

Day 4: Yacht Mastery Aboard MY Amber (4 hours)

Advanced training on a luxurious yacht, refining sailing prowess and experiencing the grandeur of larger vessels.

Day 5: Skill Showcase (4 hours)

Final day to showcase refined skills around the Fari Islands lagoon, with friends and relatives invited to witness their achievements.

In partnership with Dive Butler International, a world-leading provider of water sports and diving, Patina Maldives offers an exhilarating and safe program. Each participant receives personalized attention in small groups, ensuring a memorable experience. All students will receive a certificate of completion, symbolizing their newfound skills and dedication over the 5 days of intensive training.

For those looking to celebrate their newfound skills, an optional Sunset Celebration Cruise is available. Participants can join their peers and family for a memorable evening at sea, making the experience even more special. The program is currently priced at 2,440* per student, exclusive of taxes and service charges.

“We are thrilled to partner with Dive Butler International to offer this incredible opportunity to our young guests. We hope this program ignites a passion for sailing and fosters a deep appreciation for ocean exploration and stewardship,” said Antonio Saponara, General Manager of Patina Maldives.

“We are delighted to partner with Patina, as we share their values of connection and stewardship. Sailing offers a unique way to connect with nature and each other, no matter your age. This program is designed to inspire a love for the sea and a commitment to its preservation, creating unforgettable experiences and lifelong bonds,” added Alexis Vincent, Founder of Dive Butler.

The Youth Sailing Academy offers a transformative journey filled with exploration and growth. This summer, join the resort to learn new skills and ignite your passion for sailing as you let the rhythm of the waves guide you.

Summer Offer:

For more information on the resort’s summer programming, please see here.