NewsJune 1, 2024

Patina Maldives Launches its Premier Tennis and Padel Program, in Collaboration with LUX Tennis

Patina Maldives launches its premier Tennis and Padel Program, designed to bring the joy of these dynamic sports to guests in an unparalleled setting. With courts set within lush tropical gardens, this program offers an exceptional opportunity to elevate one’s game with the guidance of a professional on-island coach available for all ages and skill levels.

In collaboration with LUX Tennis, Patina Maldives ensures that guests receive unparalleled coaching from some of the industry’s finest professionals. With a global repertoire of former and current ATP and WTA professionals, LUX Tennis brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the program, offering in-depth insights into tennis and padel. From private one-on-one lessons to dynamic group sessions and thrilling tournaments, the LUX Tennis program at Patina Maldives is personalised to the needs of the trainee.


“At LUX Tennis, we’ve been committed to providing an unparalleled sports experience at Patina Maldives for the past four years. Our state-of-the-art tennis and padel courts, combined with professional coaches and star players, offer Patina’s guests a unique opportunity to elevate their tennis and padel game while enjoying the stunning beauty of the Maldives, whether they are kids, adults, beginners, or avid players.” – Joan Soler, Founder & CEO

Meet Tennis Pro Joel Van Rensburg

Adding to the excitement, Patina Maldives welcomes Joel Van Rensburg, a distinguished South African tennis pro, to its esteemed team. Boasting extensive playing and coaching experience, including a top 10 national singles ranking and international representation, Joel brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to the resort’s sport program. Commencing May 8th, guests can partake in exclusive tennis and padel experiences led by Joel, promising an unforgettable and enriching stay.

Summer Sessions for Young Athletes

This summer, Patina Maldives invites young athletes to embark on a transformative journey with its Kids Tennis & Padel Camp, running from July 15th to August 16th. Led by expert LUX Tennis Coaches, these camps offer the perfect blend of skill development and form evaluations, with dedicated sessions catering to juniors and teens. Each camp includes personalised coaching and a comprehensive progress report, ensuring participants emerge as stronger, more confident players.

Complimentary Clinics and Exclusive Sessions

Throughout the year, guests can indulge in complimentary clinics, including Social Tennis for Adults and Children’s Discovery Tennis with the Pro. For those seeking personalised attention, private sessions with the LUX Tennis Pro are available, offering tailored guidance to perfect one’s game.

Discover the Inclusive World of Padel Tennis

A blend of tennis and squash, padel has gained immense popularity at sports clubs worldwide and has now arrived at Patina Maldives. The resort opened a padel court last year and now offers professional coaching and group clinics through LUX Padel, catering to both adults and children.

As Patina Maldives unveils its premier Tennis and Padel Program, guests are invited to immerse themselves in a world of sporting excellence and island luxury. Whether seeking to refine their skills under the guidance of industry-leading professionals, participate in thrilling tournaments, or simply enjoy a friendly game amidst breathtaking surroundings, the resort promises an unforgettable experience for all.