NewsDecember 7, 2023

Patina Maldives Unveils Exciting New Initiatives and Remarkable Sustainability Updates

Patina Maldives reveals a tapestry of exciting new initiatives and remarkable sustainability updates, showcasing purposeful travel and environmentally conscious practices.

Patina Maldives Achieves EarthCheck Silver Certification 

Patina Maldives Achieves EarthCheck Silver Certification At Patina Maldives, their commitment to purposeful travel and sustainable practices has reached a significant milestone – the EarthCheck Silver Certification. This recognition underscores their dedication to environmentally conscious operations and excellence in business, positively impacting both people and place. Initiatives include zero-waste kitchens utilising an on-site garden, bio-digesters, and a modern plant-based restaurant concept. Patina invests in green energy, planning to increase solar panels to cover 50% of energy needs by 2024.


Ocean Archaeology of Our Time by Pamela Longobardi 

Renowned conceptual artist and environmental activist Pamela Longobardi addresses the urgent problem of marine plastic pollution through her impactful work. Longobardi ingeniously repurposes non-degradable plastic waste, transforming it into captivating abstract paintings, intricate assemblages, and impressive large-scale installations. Her latest masterpiece, unveiled at Patina Maldives, stands as a testament to commitment towards environmental stewardship. This permanent installation incorporates 21.73kg of plastics collected during a beach cleanup, serving as a powerful reminder of their collective responsibility to safeguard the oceans. Longobardi’s artwork at Patina not only captivates viewers aesthetically but also prompts reflection on the pressing need to address and mitigate the impact of plastic pollution on marine ecosystems.

Dive into Ocean Awareness with Patina App Upgrade

In their ongoing commitment to guest convenience and environmental consciousness, they announced the latest upgrade to the Patina lifestyle application. Guests can now immerse themselves in the captivating world of marine life at Patina Maldives, enriched with a host of new features at their fingertips. One of the exciting new additions is a comprehensive flyer integrated into the app, showcasing a detailed list of 78 fascinating species of marine life waiting to be discovered during snorkelling and diving adventures at Patina Maldives. From vibrant corals to elusive sea creatures like the Whitetip Reef Shark, White-spotted Eagle Ray, and Hawksbill turtle, this curated guide enhances underwater experiences by offering insights into the rich biodiversity thriving within the azure waters.

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Interactive Coral Regeneration Programme

Patina Maldives adopts a holistic approach to marine conservation, offering guests an immersive coral restoration experience. Guests participate in hands-on ceramic hand-building sessions to craft unique plates used by the resort’s marine biologists in restoration efforts. Their marine biologist, alongside guests, completed 70 coral frames, crafted 360 ceramic structures, and planted 2,300 coral fragments into the house reef since the project’s launch in 2022.

Impactful Island Clean-Up Initiatives

Their dedication to preserving the ocean goes beyond the confines of the resort. Through collective action, 176 participants joined forces to remove 315.4kg of waste, including 1000kg of both dead corals and other debris. Notably, the recent island cleaning with the Capella leadership team yielded a collection of 39kg of plastics. These initiatives underscore the importance of proactive cleaning measures in sustaining the environment.