NewsSeptember 10, 2019

Peggy the turtle cared for at Kuda Huraa travels around the region

Peggy the turtle was rescued, cared for at Kuda Huraa and released back to the wild on 21 June 2019. Her satellite tracking device has transmitted data of her movements as she swims around the region.

After spending several days swimming reefs of North Malé Atoll, Peggy then swam past the island of Helengeli to the deeper open ocean. Peggy then changed course from a SE to a NE direction, heading towards the Southern tip of India. She then changed her course again heading towards Sri Lanka and is currently close to the coast at the small beach town of Hikkaduwa (close to Galle, in Sri Lanka’s Southern Province).


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‘Peggy’ is an Olive Ridley turtle found on 25 August 2014 severely dehydrated, underweight and the right side of her carapace damaged. Her missing flipper was believed to be the result of a ghost net entanglement, and there were barnacle scars and plenty of algae covering her carapace which suggested that she was floating for a long time. She was cared for at Kuda Huraa, where she was rehydrated and treated with laxatives, regaining her appetite.