Ahmed Shaheen


  1. Please share with us your journey in this industry:

During the past 24 years, I had the opportunity to extend my hospitality experience with Crown & Champa resorts focusing on operations in all the various departments of the industry (Accounts, F&B, Housekeeping, Front Office, Reservations, Guest Services, HR and Sales & Marketing). When I started, I was a young fresh graduate from school who didn’t have any experience and knowledge about the hospitality industry. During the years, I presume that I have gained a lot of knowledge about this industry and have seen all the changes it came to this industry in the past years. I have completed my Higher Diploma in Hospitality Management at Taylors College in Malaysia.

Currently, I am overseeing the Sales & Marketing team representing the entire Crown & Champa Resorts Group and assisting in the business decisions and strategies to grow the company in this fast-paced changing sector. As you may know that CCR is growing day by day together with this very fast-paced industry. It is my responsibility to keep up with the demands of the world traveler to assure we are the leading group which has every traveler’s dream offering available, in order for us to match up to the diverse needs of each reservations booker’s requests. It is an exciting and very challenging journey. I enjoy taking on these challenges and seeing it turn into positive outcomes.

  1. What are some of the challenges you have faced during your years in the hospitality industry?  

Travel & Hospitality in the Maldives is a rapidly changing environment and an industry you have to focus to stay ahead in the game. I think we are experiencing a challenge of an increase in new products entering into the Maldives and increasing the competition levels for all existing Maldives and international Hoteliers. But as challenging as this might be, I see this as an excellent stepping stone to use in committing extra effort in improving our Sales Strategy and delivering our promises as well as empowering our existing relationships.

  1. It’s a huge responsibility to manage all the CCR properties in the Maldives, what are the challenges you face right now?

Due to the increase of strong competition we are facing around all our very unique and diverse properties, we have to constantly be proactive instead of reactive. Every day we have to make sure we are already triple steps ahead of the market. It is also very important to constantly assist in improving our products operationally and making it easier for all external partners to work with us on a daily basis. We also focus on constantly developing new added benefits to improve our products and the value offered to each of our guests.

  1. What is your targeted market segments and the new trends in the tourism industry now? 

With such a diverse portfolio of properties offered by Crown & Champa Resorts, I get to work with all the major market segments (Luxury, High End, Boutique, Middle Class, Small/Big resorts, City Hotel, Charter Flight Operations, Dive Industry). A trend which I    believe is very important for me and our company is by actively listening to our valued partners all around the world, we focus on evolving our brand and creating new trends for our partners to join us on our journey of new and fresh offerings. Communication and expertise advise from these partners are imperial and we value this platform of not making regretful mistakes.

  1. What are your future plans in this industry?

Being part of the current Maldives Transition, which is expanding enormously the Tourism Industry with the expansion of the Velana International Airport, new bridge connecting Male and Hulumale, new airport developments close to our resorts, 144 New Developing Resorts, I think the future holds exceptional potential in for all hoteliers and to constantly rise above the challenges making their appearances. Being part of this transition period is making me look forward to the future of this industry and see how we have evolved in the next few years.