On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Travel Trade Maldives spoke with local women at the forefront of the Maldivian hospitality industry. Their contribution is magnitude in elevating the tourism experience, reshaping the industry for future leaders, and ensuring gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow.

Bishaara Mohamed (Bisha) is from south of Maldives, Addu, and started her career as an apprentice in 2015. This is when she found her strong interest in the hospitality industry and now she is working as a Whatever, Whenever agent at W Maldives.

What intrigued your interest to become a Whatever/Whenever Agent (Front Office Agent) in this industry?

Since I started my career in hospitality working in the F&B Department, I always wanted to join the front office team as I felt it would give me more opportunities to connect with guests from different parts of the world, allowing me to understand what we can offer them to elevate their guest experience.

What is your biggest personal achievement so far? 

Being able to be away from my family and friends and focus on having a career, I would say is the biggest personal achievement for me. The natural setting of the resort business here in the Maldives provides us with a unique working environment – it is isolation from everything and everyone. Working for so long away from the people we love and care for has tested my inner strength and made me stronger, emotionally, and mentally.

Being a female Hotelier, do you think that it is easier than before? How did the Maldivian Tourism Industry change over the last few years? 

As I started just recently, compared to other female role models in hospitality who have been in the industry, I don’t find it difficult and challenging in terms of gender differences. Female associates are very well accepted by everyone from the entire team, organization, and the Maldives as a nation itself. Nowadays, it has become a trend that after studies, young women are joining the industry.

What differentiates W Maldives from other resorts, in terms of work environment? 

W Maldives is more than a place to work, it’s an experience and a lifestyle that reflects our personalities and passions. We live the brand – simply speaking. Whoever we are, whichever gender we prefer, whatever culture or race we come from, whatever views we have in our lives – we get to be ourselves. We are a wildly diverse community that celebrates individuality, freedom, and creativity. And all of this, motivates me even more as a human and as a woman.

What advice would you give to other ladies looking forward to starting their career in the hospitality industry?     

For other ladies who are looking forward to starting their career, I would say to begin with a goal in your mind. Never quit and always keep going. Success comes with tons of hard work and patience. As for me, I receive a lot of support from my family and friends. Their support and belief in me made me come this far and will keep moving forward.