Maldivians Working Abroad – Ahmed Nasheed

Meet Ahmed Nasheed, EAM Executive Assistant Manager at Cauayan Island Bacuit Bay El Nido, Palawan Philippines. Our team at Travel Trade Maldives decided to gain some insight into his exciting story.


1. What interests you about your particular job?

The pristine nature of Cauayan Island Resort gently raises you early in the morning to witness the beauty of the warm sunrise and the frolicking natural surroundings. I enjoy getting up early in the morning to witness the sounds of morning song birds and the diverse wildlife. It is worth it for the breathtaking panoramic view of the island from my villa over the center peak of the island which is equal parts unique and beautiful. The island is located 20 minutes on speed boat from the small town of El Nido. The geography of the island consists of two amazing mountains on both ends of the island. The resort infrastructure is built in the middle, offering guests beachfront villas, villas over water and villas over the hills. The logistics and communication are the most challenging part of our work, as we hardly get mobile network range and there are no telephones in the offices and guest villas. I must note though that I enjoy guiding and educating young talent to achieve their career goals and meeting the expectations of our guests from around the world despite the challenges.


2. How long have you been working abroad?

I was extremely fortunate to start my career with Four Seasons Resort Maldives, where I was exposed to world class hospitality service to which I approached with enthusiasm to learn the knowledge and skills of the industry. I was offered to join the pre-opening team of Four Seasons Hotel Doha. During the two year I was at the Four Seasons Hotel Doha I learned to appreciate diverse cultures and had the chance to learn and enjoy multiculturalism in the workplace. I was on a sabbatical for a year after 17 long years of service in the hospitality industry, when I got an offer as a Food and Beverage Consultant here in Cauayan Island Resort where I am about to complete 3 months of training and restructuring of the food and beverage department with promising improvements over the horizon. I took on a much more vibrant role to help other departments to improve the quality of service. I am excited and look forward for many more years to come in the Cauayan Island Resort.


3. Why are you willing to work overseas?

I enjoy crafting innovative initiatives and creations by working overseas. It opens the opportunity to explore and test innovative creations with a diverse team through multiple perspectives. The best way to elevate the hospitality talent is by exploring different traditions and culture which can add meaning and a whole new way of looking at new creative ideas. I truly enjoy working overseas and I believe I learn something new every day.


4. How did you adapt to overseas work culture?

Before I came here, I knew very little about the beautiful Philippines, only through Filipino colleagues in Maldives. However, when I first arrived in the Philippines I was extremely overwhelmed with the friendliness of the people that I met from the airport to the resort. It was pretty easy to adapt to the culture here on the island as the locals are warm and welcoming. First few weeks I missed the home cooked Maldivian curries and special evening tea. Thankfully, now I enjoy Filipino cuisine, especially rice for breakfast. Not to forget, I am one of the two only expatriates on the island!


5. Do you believe that working abroad helps your career? Why?

It’s a voyage that will last forever with me! It’s always a dream to encounter the best this industry can offer in terms of developing my career, which is the reason working abroad is a happy investment that has become part of my career. I was speechless when I was offered the post of Executive Assistant Manager within a span of three months. This wouldn’t have happened if I had narrowed down my limits within “the sunny side of life”, my home, the Maldives!


6. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Staying focused on my dreams, facing my career goals with determination, dedication through hard work and sacrifice, and the people who helped me throughout my journey are the major cornerstones to my accomplished career. Moving forward with a positive attitude and passion towards pursuing my career and conquering to higher levels, I see myself leading a resort in the Maldives or elsewhere.