Mohamed Nihad (Nihao) – Chief Happiness Officer at Siyam World

We had the pleasure of conversing with Mohamed Nihad, more commonly recognised as Nihao, the Chief Happiness Officer at Siyam World.

During our discussion, he enlightened us about the experiences that influenced his decision to join Siyam World’s pre-opening phase and become an integral part of Sun Siyam Resorts. Nihao also delved into his approach to crafting tailored and unique experiences for guests, ensuring an authentic Maldivian experience.

How did those early experiences shape your approach to guest service, and what inspired your move to Sun Siyam Resorts?

I have worked with some of the notable hospitality brands in the world from the pre-opening phases and experienced how loyal relationships with their customers and employees have been formed for decades by being engaging and informative. The unique story of Siyam World and how the team was looking to create a product that’s never been seen before in the industry inspired me to be part of it. We even live by our slogan: Bye Bye Boredom, Hello Endless Escapades. Creating experiences and ensuring that our guests take back with them so many great memories they cannot have anywhere else in the world is truly something special. For that reason exactly, we have had many repeaters over the course of just two or two years since opening; that kind of loyalty is rare; we must be doing something right.

How did these experiences prepare you for your current position as the Chief Happiness Officer at Siyam World?

I love working in resorts where I get to meet people from all corners of the globe and learn about them and their cultures as well, which significantly helps me in how I approach them and make them happy.

As the Chief Happiness Officer, could you elaborate on your duties? How do you ensure that every guest leaves Siyam World with unforgettable memories?

As a Chief Happiness Officer, my main role is to create a fun, stress-free environment within our team and also with our guests. We are fostering a culture of healthy interactions, teamwork, good vibes and, of course, fun. I am also in charge of ensuring the products or services that we provide are delivered hassle-free within our front office operations. We also like to create an impression on our guests and always attend to them with a genuine smile and heartfelt service. I sometimes go around the island and talk to guests, do some magic tricks or strike up a humourous conversation, which leaves a lasting impression on them and also on us.

What, in your opinion, sets Siyam World apart and keeps guests coming back? How do you plan to maintain and enhance the resort’s reputation for guest satisfaction?

Siyam World is a very unique product, and our management team and our islanders create that beautiful vibe that fosters a genuine working environment. I always heard Ausy, our Resort Manager, say, “Employees are our biggest asset; they are the core; if they are happy, then they will make our guests happy”. This is something I always remind myself of; I think the reason why we have so many repeaters is not just because of its unique and unbeatable experiences and all-inclusive. It is also because of our islanders and the genuine service that they give our guests. We have many projects in the pipeline for the upcoming years and these are definitely new to the industry as well, Siyam World intends to be on top of the game!

How do you balance providing personalised experiences and maintaining the overall atmosphere of True Maldivian hospitality?

To personalise the guest experiences and deliver true Maldivian hospitality, we always attend to our guests and interact with them with our full attention, and we always address them by their preferred names, which helps a lot in establishing a connection with our guests. For repeaters, we have certain benefits and value adds, and we take note of what they did last time and what kind of food they like to eat. We have some of these set up for them on their trip back. For a lot of our repeaters, this is their Maldivian home, where they know the people, feel relaxed and right at home with fun around every corner.   

What innovations or improvements do you envision for guest services at Siyam World, and how do you plan to continue spreading happiness among the guests?

We want to have a real impact on our guests, which I think we already do, but there is always room for improvement and innovation. Delivering heartfelt connections, unforgettable experiences, and beautiful connections to our culture and nature is no easy task, and our team is continuously working to make sure we do.