Roshan Jain – Founder, Sales & Marketing Director at Tatabye Tours

We had the pleasure of interviewing Roshan Jain, the Founder – Sales & Marketing Director at Tatabye Tours, in celebration of the company’s 10th Anniversary.

In the interview, Roshan shared insights about the company’s formation and their passion for travel that drove the establishment of Tatabye Tours. He detailed the company’s impressive growth in the Maldives, highlighting key milestones. Roshan also discussed their focus on customer service, innovation, and their future plans to introduce new, unique experiences in the Maldives.

Could you tell us about how Tatabye was founded and how it has expanded in the Maldives?

Tatabye Tours was founded on May 30th, 2014, in Villupuram, a town in Tamilnadu, India. Along with a family friend, I established this small B2C company. We set up our first office in Puducherry, driven by a deep passion for travel and a love for discovering new places. My aim was to share this enthusiasm with others through our travel agency. Initially, we sold various destinations, but my attention was particularly captured by the beautiful island destination of the Maldives. This interest began when a guest requested a booking at the Taj Exotica Maldives. Being a beach destination lover myself, I found a special interest in promoting and selling trips to the Maldives over any other destination.

My motivations for focusing on the Maldives are rooted in my passion for beach destinations, customer interest, and market potential, as there were very few players for the Maldives in the Indian market at that time.

In June 2015, Tatabye Tours officially started selling the Maldives as a destination in the B2B sector. We collaborated with key partners to initiate this venture. Over the next few years, our company slowly but steadily expanded its presence in the Indian market. By 2018, all resort contracts in the Maldives were directly handled under the name of Tatabye Tours and Travels Pvt Ltd. Since then, Tatabye Tours has become one of the top producers for the Maldives in the Indian market.

What sets Tatabye apart from other DMCs in the Maldives?

As a young entrepreneur founding a company, we had the scope to do things others could not. Tatabye Tours stands out from other destination management companies (DMCs) in the Maldives due to several key factors: deep expertise and passion, strong partnerships and direct contracts, comprehensive and customised offerings, market leadership and recognition, superior customer service innovation and adaptability, and strong local presence.

Our combination of specialised expertise, strategic partnerships, comprehensive offerings, and a customer-centric approach makes it stand out from other DMCs in the Maldives. Their focus on the Maldives allows them to provide unparalleled service, exclusive deals, and tailored experiences, earning them a top spot in the Indian market for Maldives travel packages.

What does a typical client journey look like from the moment they contact Tatabye until they return home?

Tatabye Tours is completely B2B and works only with travel agents. We prioritise a personalised and attentive approach at every stage of our subagent’s client’s journey. From the initial inquiry to post-trip follow-up, the focus is on providing expert guidance, seamless logistics, and exceptional service, ensuring a memorable and hassle-free travel experience for the guests. Our expert team will also suggest the property as per the requirements of our mutual guests.

Are there any new services or experiences you are planning to introduce in the Maldives?

Tatabye Tours is continually looking to innovate and enhance its offerings to provide unique and memorable experiences for its Mutual clients in the Maldives. We are planning to focus on a few untouched experiences in the Maldives, like private island experiences, private yacht charter experiences, private liveaboard experiences, culinary experiences, underwater diving, dining and spa experiences, and the new additional sky-diving experiences in the Maldives.

Tatabye Tours is committed to enhancing its offerings by introducing new and innovative services that cater to the diverse interests and needs of its clients. By focusing on sustainability, exclusivity, wellness, adventure, culinary delights, and family-friendly options, Tatabye Tours aims to provide unforgettable experiences in the Maldives.

How do you see the future of tourism in the Maldives evolving, and how will Tatabye adapt?

The future of tourism in the Maldives is poised to evolve in response to several emerging trends and challenges. As the tourism landscape changes, Tatabye Tours can adapt by focusing on key areas that align with these trends, ensuring they remain a leading provider of exceptional travel experiences. Tatabye is going to adopt eco-tourism green partnerships: collaborate with local environmental organisations to promote marine conservation and virtual reality tours, and offer VR tours of resorts and destinations to help clients visualise their trips before booking and exclusive deals. The future of tourism in the Maldives will be shaped by sustainability, technology, personalised experiences, wellness travel, family and group travel, and cultural immersion. Tatabye Tours can stay ahead of these trends by adapting its offerings and services to meet the evolving demands of travellers. By focusing on sustainability, leveraging technology, providing personalised and exclusive experiences, and promoting wellness and cultural authenticity, Tatabye Tours will continue to be a leader in the Maldivian tourism industry.

Looking back over the past decade, what are some of the most significant milestones and achievements for Tatabye?

Over the past decade, Tatabye Tours has achieved significant milestones and successes, driven by a passion for travel, strategic growth, and a commitment to exceptional customer service. From its establishment to becoming a top producer in Maldives, the company’s journey has been marked by innovation, adaptability, and a focus on delivering unforgettable travel experiences. As Tatabye Tours continues to evolve, it remains well-positioned to lead in the competitive travel industry.

Tatabye Tours was founded in May 2014. By June 2015, we became a Destination Management Company (DMC) for the Maldives. We have received the Top Producers Award from LUX South Ari, AAA Resorts, Centara Hotels & Resorts, Sun Siyam Resorts, and Angsana Velavaru. Additionally, we have been recognised as one of India’s Top Travel Producers – Outbound Under Top 50 and as one of the Top Producers of the Indian Market by Travel Trade Maldives in 2022 and 2023. Starting as a B2C company, we are now, after ten years, a reputed DMC in the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and Mauritius.