Scott Bowen

Cluster General Manager at Mercure Kooddoo & Pullman Maamutaa Maldives

Originally from Australia, I have worked in both city and resort properties in Australia, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Vietnam and Maldives. As keen sailor and surfer, the Maldives has proven itself to be a wonderful place to not only work but enjoy my favourite past times.

How did you get started with your career?

I began my career as a bartender working for earn pocket money while I was studying Economics at University. Once I graduated, I worked briefly as a commodities trader. But to be honest, I found it was boring and unfulfilling and I realized that working and interacting with real people on a daily basis was far more enjoyable. From the bar, I went on to learn all I could about the other departments in a hotel starting as a bellboy.

What are some of your notable successes?

At this stage of my career what gives me the greatest pride and sense of achievement as General Manager of a business is that I am able to recruit someone young, fresh and enthusiastic and train them and watch them develop. Building nice resorts and villas and restaurants is great, but seeing the people that you have taken the time (and sometimes a risk) to hire and see them develop and the pride and satisfaction that comes in working in a good team, earning their own money and finding their way in life makes it all worthwhile. It is magical.

What are some of the challenges that you have faced?

As far as the business goes, running a resort in Maldives is no more or less challenging than any other destination. The only difference being you have to plan ahead a little further. One of the special challenges that I do enjoy working in Maldives is ensuring that our team of wonderful colleagues feel engaged, motivated and with high spirits 24/7.

What is your advice for young adults interested in entering the Tourism Industry?

For young adults entering the Tourism Industry (or any industry) my advice is simple: Try your best, listen to the advice you are given from people who have been there before and always maintain your honesty and integrity. And try and take a learning moment from every day.