NewsJune 3, 2019

Phenomenal speakers to address at the TTM Travel Summit 2019

Travel Trade Maldives (TTM) opening event, the TTM Travel Summit, gathers prominent figures in the international tourism industry on 11th June 2019 at Bandos Maldives. The Summit, focused on “Travel Technology & Analytics,” will help the travel industry to unleash analytics, dynamic pricing, digital and Artificial Intelligence (AI) potential to deliver unstoppable customer loyalty and profit.

The summit will be inaugurated by the Managing Director of Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) Mr. Thoyyib Mohamed, who would be delivering a presentation on marketing and promotion of Maldives as a destination brand. Mr. Thoyyib plans to emphasize the importance of Government on tourism industry policies and strategies at the summit. 


Professor Hassan Ugail, an esteemed guest for this year’s summit is an expert on Artificial Intelligence currently working as a Director at Bradford University. Professor Ugail’s abundance of knowledge will expose key elements of AI in the travel & tourism industry. In addition to this, Mr. Anshu Shrivastava, the Area Director of Sales, Southeast Asia of HRS International will express the significance of technology in the hospitality industry.

Significant source markets for Maldives includes China and Italy. Dr. Marcus Lee is an expert on ‘China-Ready’ concept who will unveil avenues to target the growing 200 million China outbound market. Mr. Massimo Loquenzi of Master Consulting, the PR firm for Visit Maldives in Italy, is expected to deliver a talk on Italy’s outbound travel market. India’s biggest OTA Make My Trip (MMT) Director of International Business, Mr. Manish Mudgal will shed light on key behaviors and trends of the Indian outbound market. Mr. Sesh Seshadri, the General Manager and Director of Lonely Planet will share the role of Lonely Planet and the evolution of an Indian Traveler to Maldives.

The Summit also focuses on other key source markets to Maldives. Ms. Julia Kaminski, the Purchasing Manager to Sri Lanka & Maldives at Dnata is expected to provide a travel analysis of the European Market, which is one of the top markets for Maldives. The Editor of the oldest travel trade publication, TTN Middle East, Ms. Rashi Sen will share her opinions and insights to the Middle East Movement to Maldives, especially the Arab Travelers, and Mr. Feizel Samath of TTG Asia will highlight statistics and trends of the Asean Market, namely Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the likes.

The dive market is one of the largest areas in Maldives. Mr. Matt Wenger, the PADI Regional Manager for Maldives is expected to deliver a presentation in which he will reveal the growth trends & dynamics of the market. Another esteemed guest we have for this year’s summit is Mr. Bhavnesh Sawhney, the Director of Wednishka, India’s largest wedding planners who have handled some of the biggest weddings in the world. Mr. Bhavnesh will demonstrate how to promote Maldives as a Wedding Destination.