NewsJuly 18, 2023

President Solih Announces Major Tourism Project for Maldives’ Vaavu Atoll, Airport Included

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih announced on Monday a groundbreaking tourism venture set to take place in the idyllic Vaavu Atoll in the Maldives. The project, hailed as the largest of its kind in the country, is on the verge of being formalized with the signing of the agreement expected imminently.

During a visit to V. Keyodhoo island as part of his campaign tour, President Solih shared his excitement about the economic prospects this initiative would bring, despite the atoll’s relatively small size. The development plan encompasses a range of significant economic activities, ensuring a boost to the region’s prosperity.


The president disclosed that preliminary agreements have already been reached with a developer, and notably, the project includes the establishment of an airport. This addition is poised to enhance accessibility and connectivity to the atoll, a fulfillment of the community’s desires.

President Solih emphasized that the Economic Council will convene in Male the following day to deliberate on remaining aspects before proceeding with the project’s implementation. He assured the audience that their aspirations for improved air connectivity would be realized as the development takes shape.

As the project takes shape, the president pledged to unveil more comprehensive details shortly. This eagerly anticipated project is expected to unleash unprecedented growth opportunities and bring lasting benefits to the Vaavu Atoll and its inhabitants.