NewsJuly 20, 2023

President Solih Envisions 1.9 Million Tourist Arrivals for 2023

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has expressed hope that approximately 1.9 million tourists would visit the Maldives this year, signalling progress in the country’s efforts to overcome the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

At an event recently, President Solih highlighted the importance of the decisive measures taken by the Maldives to combat the pandemic. These measures have played a crucial role in achieving the current positive developments in tourism. The President also brought attention to the varying approaches taken by different countries in managing the virus, emphasizing the evident consequences of these choices.


On July 16, this year, the 1 millionth tourist arrived in the Maldives. With the Tourism Ministry’s initial estimation of hitting the one million tourist mark in July, the country has exceeded expectations, and the ministry announced that this milestone has been achieved ahead of schedule.

President Solih commended the Maldives for its prudent decision not to halt developmental projects amid the pandemic. This strategic move has contributed to the country’s resilience and potential for future growth in the travel sector.

The steady stream of tourists arriving daily, coupled with the anticipated surge during the peak tourism season in November and December, indicates a highly promising outlook to not only meet but potentially surpass this target.