NewsNovember 20, 2023

Presidential-Led Tourism Innovation Council Formed to Boost Travel Sector Growth

A special council dedicated to promoting tourism has been established within the Cabinet, as declared by the President. This 22-member council will be presided over by President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu and comprises members of the Council of Ministers. This decision was reached on Monday during the inaugural cabinet meeting of the new government.

At its first meeting, the Ministerial Council deliberated on initiating the government’s activities, explicitly emphasising the undertakings delineated in the new administration’s ‘Week 14’ road map. During the meeting, the Cabinet established three councils: the Visitor Economy Council, the Social Council, and the Economic Council.


The Visitor Economy Council was established at Mohamed Muizzu’s behest to enhance the operation of the tourism industry. At the inaugural press conference, Mohamed Firzul, the President’s Office’s Under Secretary for Public Policy, declared that the Visitor Economy Council would be presided over directly by President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu.

According to Firzul, the council’s objective is to advance tourism by implementing novel strategies. “The revitalization of the tourism industry will be the principal objective,” he stated. Firzul underscored the Maldives tourism industry’s historical preoccupation with vacation and leisure destinations and the President’s aspiration to broaden its domains of interest to include health, education, and transportation tourism.

Concurrent with the Tourism Council’s dissolution, the Economic Council and the Social Council have also been dissolved. Vice President Hussain Mohamed Latheef will assume leadership of the Social Council, whereas Minister for Economic Development and Trade Mohamed Saeed will serve as the head of the Economic Council.