NewsMay 19, 2019

Professor Hassan Ugail to Present at the TTM Travel Summit 2019 on 11th June

Professor Hassan Ugail, Director of the Centre for Visual Computing at the University of Bradford in the UK, to present at the third edition of TTM Travel Summit scheduled to be held at Bandos Maldives on 11th June. In his talk, Professor Ugail will outline how the hospitality industry may be radically transformed through the use of artificial intelligence-driven social and psychological analytics. Such shifts in thinking may not only provide proper pathways to cater to the generation Y and Z, but also to provide highly individualized services which are increasingly demanded across the spectrum of holidaymakers. Professor Ugail is a renowned computer scientist in the area of visual computing and artificial intelligence (AI). He is an advocate of AI for helping to tackle real-world issues in the areas of finance, digital health, innovative engineering and sustainable societies in general. More specifically, he works in the area of human biometrics especially the development of cutting edge AI solutions for biometric face recognition. His most recent work in this area includes helping to unravel the real identity of the two Russian spies at the heart of the Salisbury Novichok poisoning case – one of the biggest international stories of the year 2018.