NewsNovember 13, 2022

Pulse Hotels & Resorts Partners with IDeaS to Gain Market Share Through Automated Data Analysis

IDeaS, a SAS company, the world’s leading provider of hotel revenue management software and services, announced today Pulse Hotels & Resorts has adopted G3 RMS across four of its Maldives-based properties to deliver accurate forecasting, better manage operational resources, and gain market share.

Given its portfolio of resorts is diverse in relation to product and price positioning, Pulse Hotels & Resorts previously faced challenges in implementing a centralized, unified approach to revenue management that maximized revenue opportunities for each property and room type. They engaged IDeaS and its G3 RMS to gain a competitive advantage and drive market share through optimal pricing and accurate forecasting to manage operational resources and reduce occupancy gaps.  


“We conducted a thorough evaluation of various RMS vendors. Through this process, we were able to verify each system’s capabilities to address our needs. Not only did IDeaS demonstrate the ability to help us mitigate the challenges we face, but the amount of information and functionality the platform provides to a revenue manager through forecasting and price predictions exceeded our expectations,” said Althaf Mohamed Ali, chief operating officer, Pulse Hotels & Resorts.

Distributing rates beyond 365 days, segment-wide forecasting, and the ability to incorporate competitor data into the forecasts were key in the selection process for Pulse Hotels & Resorts. IDeaS Investigator allows properties to determine if the forecasts and pricing decisions are the most optimal ones. The visualization of different datasets and price points can yield different results, allowing revenue managers to learn from the RMS.  

Diversified portfolios like Pulse Hotels & Resorts often use multiple PMS vendors. IDeaS integrates with leading PMS vendors to ensure operations can be centrally managed, monitored, and implemented across the portfolio. 

“Centrally managing revenue management and streamlining operational resources is key to ensuring today’s hoteliers stay ahead of the competition. IDeaS is proud to partner with Pulse Hotels & Resorts to ensure each of their conceptually unique properties and products gain the best yield based on their individual current market conditions,” Jurgen Ortelee, APAC managing director.

Developing an edge over the competition while gaining maximum market share is ensured when having optimal pricing in place. Through accurate forecasting, dynamic revenue automation will help Pulse Hotels & Resorts better manage operational resources, reduce occupancy gaps, and maximize stakeholder benefit.