NewsMay 14, 2020

Get Ready to Experience “Island Homes” in Maldives Post Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused disruptions in almost every human activity on the planet. At the moment travelling anywhere is out of the question for most, even though some countries are cautiously opening their borders. However, what you can’t stop people from doing is dreaming of the destinations you will visit once the pandemic is over and the world is once again open for exploring. Once this happens, Maldives is ready to offer a fresh concept that you really should experience: Island Homes.

Island Homes offer an excellent setting for families and group retreats who are looking for personal comfort and a fully serviced accommodation. Most Island Homes are located in a contained private area (with access to a private beach even!) providing the ultimate in privacy with many of the luxuries you’d usually expect to find at a Maldivian resort.


One of the first such properties to pop up in Maldives is the luxurious Veli Vilaa located in Dhiffushi Island. Nestled amongst the many coconut palms of the island, Veli Vilaa was designed to offer a unique tropical island experience to families and friends. It is a spacious 4-bedroom bungalow built on the beachfront with its own private beach where you can experience the breath-taking sunset view. This island home is equipped with all necessary water sport gears including canoes, fun tubes, banana boat and a private jet ski. Guests can also enjoy variety of  cuisines from the in-house menu at a dining area inside the villa, or even served in a romantic setting on the beach. Activities available range from watersports to excursions that could have you swimming with mantas one day or chasing dolphins the next.

The property has such a calming and magical effect on the senses that guests often despair having to leave. One Serbian family, who arrived before the pandemic leading to  lockdowns all over the world, chose to extend their stay to six weeks once they realized they’d rather stay and experience the stress-free island life, cocooned and sheltered from the woes of the world at large for as long as possible, before heading back.

Island Homes is a fresh new concept for Maldives, famous the world over for its beautiful beaches, the beauty of its underwater world, and a reputation for being a luxury holiday destination only available to the wealthy. However, after the first few decades of tourism and with the introduction of local island tourism, this is no longer the case. Innovation has been one of the industry’s major strengths and there’s always something new brewing in the tourism sector. Island Homes is one such concept. The thought of being cloistered in a luxurious home with every comfort available while away from home is definitely something many travelers around the world are yearning to experience for themselves once Maldives is open for business post pandemic.