NewsSeptember 23, 2020

Reethi Beach Resort Appoints Zayan Fayaz as Marketing Manager

Reethi Beach Resort has maintained an exemplary reputation for over 21 years in the resort industry and is now making strides towards exponential growth through modern strategies in 2020. Amidst the pandemic, Reethi Beach Resort has appointed Zayan Fayaz as their new Marketing Manager, following his entrepreneurial experience at “Ore Maldives” in Male’ for the last 3 years. Although the organization had many successes validated by IGMH, STELCO, Seagull Group, Rahaa Resort and others, Zayan decided to close the Maldivian branch.

Bringing those 3 years of success, Reethi Beach Resort now plans to join the elite digital businesses in Maldives, by enabling online strategies and modern solutions within the company.


“I find that the originality of Reethi Beach has always stuck around and the loyal guests keep coming back,” Zayan said. “That shows dependability, consistency and customer satisfaction. Building on that will further grow Reethi Beach to become even more successful and I can’t wait for that success to materialize. I used to work with Reethi Beach before and it would be an understatement to say I’m excited to be back.”

Zayan noted that the new changes in the tourism industry are probably here to stay. OTAs growing, tour operators and travel agents going digital, virtual events and other such happenings may be very relevant to the pandemic, but many aspects of these changes will remain, even if it passes. Many businesses are being forced to find their way within this “uncomfortable situation”. For example, travelling can’t be predicted anymore, due to unexpected situations such as borders closing, flights being reschedule, etc. Being a dynamic/versatile business person is vital now more than ever.

Reethi Beach Resort is located on a tiny island in Baa Atoll. The resort can be reached through a scenic 35-minute seaplane flight from Male. Its elegant villas are built from natural materials in a typical Maldivian-style, providing comfort in a simple yet contemporary setting. These villas are set amid tropical foliage, fringing a long expanse of powder-soft beach, or on stilts over the clear blue lagoon. There are 5 restaurants and 5 bars, poolside and beachfront. Facilities include a PADI 5-star dive centre, a spa & wellness retreat, a water sports centre, a sports complex and a wide variety of group/private excursions have been carefully selected to explore the untouched beauty of Baa Atoll and the rich culture of its inhabitants.