NewsDecember 19, 2023

Reethi Beach Resort’s Ongoing Legacy in Eco-Friendly Hospitality

Reethi Beach Resort, located on the beautiful and lush Fonimagoodhoo Island, has truly distinguished itself as a vanguard in championing environmental stewardship, pioneering innovations, and actively engaging with the local community.

Recently crowned as one of the “Most Sustainable Resorts” at the esteemed TTM Awards & Gala 2023, this exceptional retreat is a haven for those seeking the perfect blend of eco-friendly hospitality.


One of the noteworthy sustainable initiatives undertaken by the resort is the establishment of an in-house hydroponic garden in order to source local vegetables.

The introduction of this visionary initiative has resulted in a flourishing array of organic vegetables, with home-grown lettuce taking centre stage. Producing an impressive 35 kilograms of lettuce weekly, the resort has effectively reduced its dependence on external vendors, leading to a substantial decrease in its carbon footprint.

For the second consecutive year, Reethi Beach Resort has forged a harmonious partnership with the Maldives Whale Shark Research Program (MWSRP), facilitated by SC Capital Partners Pte Ltd, the resort’s parent company. Beyond scientific exploration, this collaboration reflects a profound dedication to marine conservation. Hanifaru Bay, famed for its mesmerising congregations of majestic mantas and whale sharks, will serve as the backdrop for extensive research efforts supported by this union.

Strategically nestled close to the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Reethi Beach Resort stands as a shining example of sustainable travel in an unparalleled natural setting. The resort’s devotion to sustainability is more than just a strategy; it is a way of life. From its successful home-grown lettuce ventures to its immersive engagement with the MWSRP, every facet of the resort’s business reflects an unshakable pledge to promoting a better world.